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Filter bag & Filter felt

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LAST UNTIL 30st of October, 2014!

Limited quantity sale of our filter bad and filter felt is happening now!

Purpose: Filtering impurities  and collecting dust
Where to use: Acuaculture, industrial dust collecting etc.
Order regulation: 
Filter bag: Order below 10 pcs (include 10 pcs), shippment fee is excluded; Above 10 pcs, Shippment fee is included.
Filter felt: One unit is 50m. Order below 200m(include 200m), shippment fee is excluded; 
Order exceed 200m, Shippment fee is included.
Transfer account: Please inquire by emailing to our email address.

1. Filter bag
Sewing well with twisted cord but without base cloth; inner singeing, good filtering condition. 
100% PP Fiber
Size: 84cm (L) *32cm (W) Thickness: 2.5cm~3cm Weight: 300g ± 5% Price: NT$110/Pcs 2. Filter felt
inner singeing, good filtering condition. 
100% PP Fiber
Width: 180cm
Length: 50m
Thickness: 2.5mm~3.0mm
Weight: 456g/m² ± 5%
Price: NT$135/m

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